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Polygraph examiners course

The completion of our polygraph examiners course – makes our graduates “Qualified Polygraph Examiners” and they get a polygraph examiners course graduation diploma

The purpose of the course

Our polygraph examiners course provides our students with the necessary tools and knowledge required to perform polygraph examinations (theoretical & practical).


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Our polygraph training course takes place in a training facility in the center of Israel. There is a possibility of opening a polygraph course in the south (depends on the amount of students attending) , also there is a possibility of opening a course all over the world upon demand .

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Intended audience

BA graduates of behavioral sciences who wish to become polygraph examiners in the private or public sectors, Private investigators, Security consultants, former police or military police officers or detectives, former GSS personnel , HR professionals .

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Admission requirements

The polygraph examiners profession requires high moral standards and also knowledge and experience in behavioral science to approach all sectors of examinees. It is also helpful to have experience in investigations and also law. Therefore, the Israeli Polygraph Academy will only accept applicants who meet these requirements: Minimum age of 24, BA graduates of a recognized college or university, High moral standards (will be tested during admission process) , Deceleration of clean criminal record.

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Courses & Duration

Our Polygraph examiners courses are conducted in two different versions:
• Intensive course of between 12 to 15 weeks / between 23 to 28 hours a week 5 days a week / between 6 to 7 hours a day .
• Longer course of about 30 weeks / 15 hours a week ( 3 weekly meetings of 5 hours) / intended generally for working students .

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Tuition covers all of the training expenses, and does not include the costs of accommodation or transportation for the students. We will be happy to assist our students with finding proper and affordable hotels or rental apartments not far from the polygraph academy if needed.
In cases in which e a student cancels his / her enrollment, the tuition fee will be will be refunded only by the following conditions :
• Cancelation within 14 days of enrollment – tuition will be retuned in full.
• Cancellation after more than 14 days of enrollment, and until 30 days prior the Couse starting date – 85% percent of the tuition fee will be returned.
• If the student is eliminated from the course between one month before its starting date and one month after it starts – 50% of the tuition fee will returded .
Please note - Tuition fee will not be returned in any other case than the ones Mentioned above.

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